Honey Elixer Spells




Honey elixer spell is created to balance the delicate chemistry of the womans body for Hormonal balancing to ensure the production of enough estrogen and progesterone, one of the primary symptoms that has been recorded by users of this spell is the skin quality collagen increased production, firmness of buttocks, breasts and tissue, stronger hair, nails, disappearance of age spots & wrinkles, and increase in breast size.

This divine spell is also used since antiquity by myrrhophores to:
– Heal and repair deep soul wounds
– Heal a sense of not being good enough / not being heard
– Heal a feeling of being unloved or unlovable
– Soothe a sense of being abandoned
– Release inner pain
– Give mental, emotional and physical support

The spell uses the power of the Full Moon and it is filled with the Light & Love of God and healing energies. This spell is cast with
Lemurian Crystal, for a powerful, yet gentle deep work.

This is a truly omnipotent spell, with the ability to release grief and emotional blockages that are covering deeper soul wounds.

Though a spell may only take few minutes to cast but it could take weeks if not months before the results are seen. This should be taken into account before placing an order for this spell.


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